Can We Have A Healthy Home With Products Which Don’t Hurt Us??

Can We Have A Healthy Home With Products Which Don’t Hurt Us??

We are all familiar with the saying “It’s the final straw that breaks the camel’s back.”

Healthy Home

Healthy Home

Today that saying is applicable to our well-being, the “straws” being all the factors which are causing our bodies to suffer “dis-ease” and which range from poor nutrition and toxicity to being stuck in a traffic jam every day.

Some things we have no control over but we can take control of others and the more “straws” we can remove, the better for us and for our well-being.

One “straw” that we can remove, thus lifting an unnecessary burden from our lives, is the daily poisoning of our bodies and homes.

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Over the last few years, ordinary people, i.e. non-scientists like you and me, have become increasingly aware of the dangers posed by man-made chemical ingredients in products we use every day at home. Two TV programmes “How Toxic are You?” and “How Toxic are Your Kids?”  enhanced this awareness, so I decided to take this opportunity to share with you what I have learned.

I firmly believe that everyone has the right to make choices. To do this effectively, we need knowledge.

It’s hard to believe that the most dangerous place is inside our own home.

A 15 year study showed that “women who worked at home had a 54% higher death rate from cancer than women who had jobs elsewhere.”

In 1989, a study by the US Dept of Occupational Safety and Health showed that of 2,983 chemicals used in personal and household products:

  • 884 were known to be toxic. Of these:
    • 778 were acutely toxic
    • 146 were carcinogenic
    • 218 were believed to cause reproductive complications
    • 314 were believed to cause biological mutations
    • 376 were known to cause eye and skin irritation

In 2003, a “ContamiNATION” study by the World Wide Foundation found as many as 70 different chemicals in the blood of UK citizens.

  • The average number was 27 with one poor man having 49.
  • Babies were being born with as many as 20.
  • Toxins tend to be stored in the fat. The implication is that mothers are passing on toxins in their breast milk.                      

Household products release toxic vapours even when they are not being used. We don’t need our eyes to tell us where the washing powders and cleaning products are in the supermarket, do we?

Then there are the air fresheners. Do you know it takes at least 100 chemicals to make a “perfume”? Have you ever read the warnings on the back? Nasty!

“Most homes have airborne concentrations of hazardous and toxic chemicals 2 to 5 times higher indoors than outside. Some homes are 70 times higher!” (US Environmental Protection Agency 1989)

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The most common ingredients to watch out for in personal care products are these (although there are more than 100 alternative names for the first one!):-

  • Sodium Lauryl/Laureth Sulphate – corrosive industrial degreaser. Affects the eyes and the lining of the mouth, can alter DNA. (foaming products)
  • Propylene Glycol – anti-freeze, brake fluid (moisturisers, baby wipes)
  • Aluminium Salts – block the sweat glands trapping toxins inside (implicated in breast cancer). Also linked to brain disorders (anti-perspirants)
  • Talc – similar molecular structure to asbestos (cosmetics)

(You will find a more comprehensive list to print out in the DOWNLOADS/Audio section so you can check your cupboards.)

An added complication is “potentially” harmful ingredients.

A lot of chemicals are safe until mixed with something else e.g. Triclosan and water = toxic dioxins.

So why is it in toothpaste??

Thousands of ingredients used in the household have never been tested, so no-one knows whether they are safe or not.

Well that’s the BAD NEWS…

Some GOOD NEWS is that…

….just as not all natural substances are safe, not all chemicals are harmful. In fact, some are very beneficial.

The trick is knowing which is which.

And, here’s the REALLY GOOD NEWS…

Safe, affordable products….


Someone I know told me about a Safety-Conscious company who do know the difference.

So now we can take out the guess work by buying the full range of effective every-day-use products from the company who, more than 25 years ago, pioneered the formulation, manufacture and distribution of products where more than 3000 commonly-used ingredients are avoided because they are known to be harmful or have a question mark over them.

I have transferred my spending on my personal and household products to them. You can too.

You don’t have to go and find your products and carry them home. You can order by phone or on-line and they will be delivered to your door.

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Please contact me with any questions. I’m happy to help you get the best from your choices.


Why Probiotics and Intestinal Health are Vital to Our Well-being.

Why Probiotics and Intestinal Health are Vital to Our Well-being.

Around 400 BC Hippocrates, the Father of Medicine, said “All disease begins in the gut.”

toxic gutOur alimentary canal is naturally populated by bacteria and if they are the correct ones — probiotics — then all is well. They do their thing and we are healthy! When it is overrun by the wrong ones — we’re in trouble.

As you can see on the picture above, the inside surface of our intestines is not smooth, those bumps are villi which hugely increase the surface for absorption of nutrients. It is vitally important that their surfaces are kept clean but today it is more and more common that they are buried beneath mucoid plaque ie. compacted rotting food which provides a lovely home for parasites and other nasties!

There are two reasons why a clean, healthy gut is vital:-

A gut populated by the wrong bacteria is, in itself, a painful problem ……

Digestive system disorders like:
— IBS (irritable bowel syndrome) with its nasty symptoms of bloating, constipation and diarrhoea
— IBD (inflammatory bowel disorder) eg Diverticulitis and Crohn’s Disease
— a LEAKY GUT leading to all kinds of allergies

and this major source of toxicity also leads to……..

Arthritis, Poor memory, Bad skin, Circles under the eyes, Diabetes (yeasts in the blood), Cancer, Learning disorders (ADD, ADHD, Dyslexia, Dyspraxia, Autism), Depression, Anaemia……………….In fact, the latest independent research –Epigenetics – shows pathogenic bacteria to be at the root of DNA malfunction,  leading to cancer!

How can the gut become populated by the wrong bacteria and yeasts?

When we are born we get our bacteria as we pass through the birth canal and from our mother’s milk. This is why a natural birth and breast feeding are so important and that the mother herself has the right kind of micro-organisms. Babies who are born by Caesarian Section and those who are bottle fed are at an immediate disadvantage!

Traditionally we topped up our good bacteria every day by consuming pickled/fermented foods plus fruit and vegetables which had not been subjected to irradiation and pesticides but this is not the case today!!

The following also cause damage:-

Repeat medication

The contraceptive pill


Radio- and chemo-therapies

A diet heavy in white flour and sugar upsets the balance (they feed the bad bacteria)

Anti-biotics are weapons of mass destruction which indiscriminately kill ALL bacteria, including the vital pro-biotics in the gut. Unfortunately, they do not kill the yeast Candida Albicans (thrush), an opportunistic pathogen which rapidly takes advantage of the vacuum thus created and which is at the base of many chronic conditions. The only way to get rid of yeast infections is at source ie. inside the gut.

Why are probiotic bacteria and yeasts so vital to our health? draft_lens8943991module78726981photo_1266195695roles_of_gut_flora_image

85% of our immune system is in the gut.

Our digestive tract contains trillions of micro-organisms that are a necessary part of us — the Micro-biome.

In fact, there is more DNA in the gut, belonging to these micro-organisms, than there is human DNA in the entire body!

We have a truly symbiotic relationship with these pro-biotic organisms – our health and well-being depend on them and the ratio of good (pro-biotic) to bad (pathogenic).

This should be 80:20 but today it is usual for it to be 20:80!!

The probiotic micro-organisms:-

Protect from infections

Keep the gut clean

Destroy toxins and carcinogens

Produce enzymes and enable the absorption of nutrients

Produce Vitamins B1,2,3,5,6,12, Biotin, Vitamin K (regulates blood clotting), short chain fatty acids (regulate production of cholesterol), Folic acid.

Does independent scientific research have anything to say?

Science is increasingly showing that maintaining a healthy level of the widest range of good bacteria is essential to our lives.

What can we do?

The natural remedy must be to replace as many of the good bacteria and fungi as possible, packaged in a way which ensures they get to the right place ~ dormant, freeze-dried, NO dairy or sugar ~

Dr. Natasha Campbell-McBride has formulated the Modere Advanced Pro-Biotic supplement — “Protozymes”

800 strains of probiotics have been identified, 400 of which have been thoroughly researched.  Protozymes provides standardised amounts of the most beneficial 5 strains  – plus – a yeast which destroys candida albicans.

As with all supplements it takes 3 months for us to feel the real benefits because they are not drugs, they are nutrients, and body processes and healing take time.

Purchase 3 Protozymes and a bottle of Aloe Vera (to assist in the healing and correct functioning of the gut – and remember to eat lots of GREEN vegetables for the fibre.) to receive a £10 Discount.

To obtain Protozymes go to   


to open a free account if you live in the UK or Europe.

If you live in the USA this is the link for you.

This pro-biotic is a slightly different formulation but just as effective.

Use the “Contact” button at the top of this page for personal help.

I advise you to listen to Natasha’s talk about Gut Health (in the Audio Section).  As a Doctor, she is qualified to explain how to use her “Advanced ProBiotics” to  deal with all kinds of problems.

To gain free access to this recording  (you need a password), go to


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(Diagrams courtesy of Larry Brooks.)



Where to begin?

I believe in giving people information so they can make an educated choice as to whether they accept my suggestions or not.


Osteoporosis (brittle bones) occurs when the body fails to make new bone cells to replace dying ones. download (e.g. In a healthy body we get new long bones approximately every 7 years, vertebrae every 3 years.)

 To do this, the body needs:-

 magnesium, zinc, boron, selenium, phosphorus, molybdenum, calcium, vitamins C and D3 with K2, and natural progesterone. — synthetic  progestogen is no use.


(Natural progesterone activates osteoblasts to build new bone and it increases bone density 4 times better than oestrogen. Osteoclasts scour out old crystalline bone. Oestrogen simply slows down the osteoclasts which slows the loss of old bone — which is dry and brittle. It’s better than losing it—survival mode!!)


We Have A Problem With Minerals.

  1. Minerals are vital nutrients because as well as doing their own job they are co-factors for other nutrients– like a key that enables the body to access them and use them. So ….a shortage of minerals means that even though needed nutrients are present, the body may not be able to use them.


  1. One vital job minerals do is to neutralise acid ash formed when acid-forming foods are digested i.e. proteins, carbohydrates. When there is a shortage of minerals  the body takes them from the bones.


  1. Our natural mineral suppliers are plants and when they take minerals from the soil, the molecular structure is changed. (That’s why mineral supplements which are simply ground-up rock, such as calcium carbonate, are not much use to us.)


  1. Plants are short of minerals today because the soils have been farmed for too many years and pesticides kill the micro-organisms in the soil which assist plants to absorb minerals:-

1992 Earth Summit in Rio de Janeiro

WHO data


In the UK, research published by the Ministry of Agriculture, Fisheries and Food in 1991 on the mineral content in 7 common vegetables available to UK citizens showed average losses :-


 1978  to 1991                      1940  to  1991                                                                

39% less sodium                  49%                            

16% less potassium             16%

14% less phosphorus

33% less magnesium           24%

40% less calcium                 46%

72% less copper                   76%

59% less zinc

                                                 27% less iron

3 apples/oranges were needed to supply the same iron content as 1 apple/orange in 1940!


They found similar losses in the 17 fruits and 10 items of meat tested.


They were concerned about the effects on the health of UK citizens because the report also says:-


“The significant loss of these essential trace minerals……………………….highlights the difficulties in achieving a fully adequate diet with currently available foods…………………………………..



Result = acid bodies.

Osteoporosis is a metabolic disorder.

There are 2 kinds of disease – infectious and metabolic.

Metabolic is where the body fails to function as it should (reasons later) because it has become acidic.

It should be 7.3 slightly alkaline and when it isn’t, different symptoms such as osteoporosis, diabetes, vascular problems, arthritis, nervous breakdowns etc. appear.  (Different ones in different people.)


So on a simplistic level, the answer is to re-alkalise the body.


This means we need minerals –macro, micro, trace elements and Rare Earths.

As I already said, they are vital nutrients because as well as doing their own job they are co-factors for other nutrients– like a key that enables the body to access them and use them.


There’s an article  – Metabolic Disorders Vs. Optimum Health – here if you want to read it.


with a link to other health info if you wish..   ********see below


When we understand the basic premise of acidic bodies and metabolic disorders, we can start to tackle whatever problem we’ve got.

The causes are actually a lot of “Straws” and you know that the final one breaks the camel’s back!

Main causes are:-


 Lack of nutrients in food available to us today. (Even when we eat a diet of real food.)


Poor Digestion.  

Gut clogged up with mucoid plaque and occupied by pathogenic bacteria and fungi, plus parasites.



  Harmful and questionable chemicals in toiletries etc. Whilst we sleep, the liver’s energy which should be doing its real job of removing toxins made by the body during its natural processes, is diverted to deal with these chemicals instead.


Un-managed stress.    

  Self-explanatory.  Need yoga, tai chi, Tapping — anything which brings relaxation and a quiet mind.


********     For more detailed info, I have a number of Articles on health, nutrition etc on this website.


I also have audio recordings of health professionals talking or being interviewed about various health issues in “Downloads”      



 Some important points to note.

Smoking and alcohol adversely affect bone health.

Fizzy drinks actually remove phosphorus.

Sodium Fluoride makes bones dense and brittle. (Dental Fluorosis only appears long after damage has occurred to the bones)

High blood pressure tablets and only 3 months of steroids rob the body of minerals.

Weight-bearing exercise keeps bones strong.




Suggestions if you Have Osteoporosis.


By now you’ll have gathered that my health philosophy is Holistic.

The body is not like a car where we can deal with a problem in isolation, it’s actually comprised of inter-dependent parts which work in synergy.


1. Clean up

*I’m reliably informed that when you stop absorbing harmful chemicals every day, in about 6 months the body has got rid of them .Modere Collection

So free-up the liver to do its proper job by avoiding processed “food” and switching to non-toxic products. Modere provides the full range.


*Clean out the digestive tract because mucoid plaque prevents absorption of nutrients and harbours pathogens and parasites.

Populate with  probiotics.

Modere provides what’s needed.


2. Food

* Eat real food, organic where possible (it’s clean and contains more nutrients – chemicals kill off the microbes in the soil which help plants absorb minerals etc.)

 images (7)

*Eat 80% green veg and fruit (raw as much as possible), 5% protein, 15% root vegetables and some grains.


*For vitamin D eat egg yolk, liver and saltwater fish, (tinned fish which still have bones are useful too).  We need sunlight too to make Vitamin D (spectacles prevent the eyes from fully absorbing sunlight.)


*Avoid red meat and dairy.  – very acid forming, full of anti-biotics etc., plus the calcium is not the right kind for humans and is difficult to absorb.


We need an alkaline body. (Recent research shows that cancer occurs when the mitochondria are acidic instead of being alkaline.)


 3. Supplement the Diet.

* We need to supplement minerals, vitamins and progesterone.

download (4)  has progesterone cream formulated to Dr. John Lee’s standard.  (I see that they have a free book on Osteoporosis.  (I have a recording of Dr. Lee’s Talk on a CD — Contact me and ask for one).


Magnesium Citrate.  375 mg per day 

 Vitamin C.

images (15)Phillip Day has an excellent vitamin C Complex in powder form. It needs to be drunk throughout the day because the body doesn’t store Vit. C.



Vitamin D3 and K2


The other minerals are in Mineral Solutions from Modere.MODERE MINERAL SOLUTION (1)

It’s a liquid, absorbable as soon as it hits the inside of your mouth.  Take 15 ml twice a day or even 3 times.  (15ml is a maintainance amount.)

Modere also have Green Qi – concentrated “greens” spirulina, wheatgrass etc which alkalise the body.



4. Weight-bearing exercise.

—A brisk daily walk — 20 minutes?

—Tai Chi.  These are some of the Qigong exercises I do.


You can purchase Modere products  by opening an Account at             European Market           North American Market     Australian Market

Top cancer stories of 2014 from CancerActive.

Top cancer stories of 2014 from CancerActive.

Top cancer treatment and prevention stories of 2014

Albeit a little late, here are the top stories and trends in cancer for 2014. A number of them don’t just relate to cancer – they concern the very essence of your good health.We have got some really exciting developments coming in 2015. Watch out for them!Chris (leaves background)
Empowering people to make better health choices. Chris Woollams

1. Developing cancer is just ‘bad luck’?

What rubbish is this?? It implies you can do little about getting the disease, nor about preventing it returning after being treated. However, as you will read, the mass media over-claimed a poor piece of research which left out two of the biggest cancers.

2. Epigenetics – the rapidly growing science that shows cancer is reversible

You are not doomed. The Science of Epigenetics has shown that rarely are there mutations in your core DNA, and the changes around your DNA (mistakenly called ‘mutations’ by sloppy scientists) are REVERSIBLE.Right now Big Pharma is trying to develop drugs to reverse the blockages around your DNA. But you don’t have to wait – about 60 Natural Bioactive compounds are proven to have epigenetic benefits. You just have to consume enough of them! But then, this is all in my book, the Rainbow Diet and has been for seven years or more!!

3. Sugar doesn’t just feed cancer – it causes it

We have been telling you that common sugar (and especially High Fructose Corn Syrup) feeds a cancer cell, so avoid at all costs. Yet there are still some people who are in denial. They can’t be reading the research. For example, in January 2014, research showed sugar can actually cause cancer.The solution is to look for a non-added sugar diet – I have been banging on about the French Paradox for years – and colourful vegetables, a low added sugar and high fat diet is the basis for the Rainbow Diet. If you want something stricter – then you can always look at the Ketogenic Diet.

4. Why you should think seriously about Hyperbaric Oxygen

We have been telling people about Hyperbaric Oxygen Therapy for three years, but this year it came of age. Almost all who have used it, praise the effects. What are these? Well apart from a general improvement in well-being and lowered fatigue, HBOT reduces side-effects of radiotherapy and improves effectiveness of both chemo- and radiotherapy. In a 2012 overview of all studies since 2006, two American scientists showed there was even research linking it with killing cancer cells.The MS Society has HBOT centres across the UK and treatment (1 hour, two to three times a week) costs from 10 to 15 pounds per session.

5 Fasting for 3 to 5 days boosts your immune system

New research shows that fasting for three days can boost the immune system – we know it can improve chemotherapy results and cut side-effects – after all, we have been telling you about the benefits of Calorie Restriction and Fasting when you are diagnosed with cancer, for quite a while. Fasting even stops cancer progression.

6. Everything you need to know to help you beat cancer

I just cannot believe how many copies of this book we sell. Especially now we print in different countries. I love the fact that people describe it as their ‘Bible’ and even keep it by their bedside. The book does what it says on the cover – it is all in there, the 4 main causes of cancer that you can cut out today, through to all the complementary therapies and how they might benefit you. It even has checklists on what supplements to take when and it covers many new, emerging therapies. It is only available though, through our wholesalers.

7. Gut bacteria – the root cause of ill health and illness (oh, and colo-rectal cancer)

In January there was research on the links between gut bacteria and colorectal cancer. Then there was research on how taking probiotics lessened your risk of colorectal cancer. Then there was research on how taking gut bacteria can protect you against some radiotherapy side-effects. Gut bacteria – 93 trillion helpers inside your body right now. And a loss of volume and diversity leads to illness. Fact.This book is a 5 hour read – but when you put it down you will know what you need to do to recover your good health.

8. The year medicinal Cannabis started to make its mark?

From Australia to Canada and Spain to the UK, the medical benefits of cannabis seem to be growing in acceptance. 2015 even seems companies producing medicinal cannabis being launched on the stock market.It’s early days, but clearly the active ingredients of certain cannabinoids show promise. Here we provide a link to our article on cannabis, plus a link to Dr Christina Sanchez who seems to be something of an expert in research on cannabinoids and how they kill cancer cells. Then we give you a link to Sharon Kelly’s home made video on how Cannabis killed her stage IV Lung cancer.

9. The year of self empowerment

UK Medical Authorities by and large seem determined to be left behind. They stick to a mantra of ‘Doctor knows best’ and the Holy Trinity of Chemotherapy, Radiotherapy and Surgery. Some even refuse to discuss Complementary therapies with their patients actually saying that they will be ‘struck off’ if they do. Meanwhile the benefits of building an Integrative treatment programme – where patients add complementary treatments to their orthodox programme is just a click away on your computer.Here’s a little selection of pointers to get you going.

10. Fastest growing area of lung cancer linked to oestrogen

Research in 2014 was clear: You don’t need to have been near a cigarette. The cancer that has grown from 12% to 40% of all lung cancer is non-small cell lung cancer – and it is driven by oestrogen.But then so are many cancers – from some breast to prostate, colorectal to brain tumours, ovarian to testicular. And that’s why we wrote a simple book ‘Oestrogen – the killer in our midst. It tells you the simple steps you can take today to start reducing the level of aggressive oestrogen in your body.

11. Is the game finally up for screening mammograms?

By now you know my views. We should have been spending money looking for accurate blood tests not on expensive machines that potentially can do more harm than good. 2014 saw research from Canada that should have finished off screening mammograms for good.

12. Bribery, fraud, causing cancer, spreading metastases; anything else??

In the past, many people have been concerned about the ‘dodgy practices’ employed by certain elements of Big Pharma. In 2014 we have seen criminal convictions for bribery and fraud. A major company that works with the UK Government and Cancer Research has now been convicted of fraud, misleading information and bribing doctors. Twice. With more cases on the way.When it comes to the products, it doesn’t get much better. In 2014 there was a new study that said chemo induced more cancer – this just backed up one from a couple of years back that said it CAUSED cancer. It reminded me of the German Study that said Taxol caused breast cancer to spread.What a sorry state areas of BIG Drug are in at the moment!!

13. Are orthodox prostate treatments doing more harm than good?

If you read the research coming out of America, you would have to answer, ‘yes’. Both the PIVOT Study and a 2014 study on over 65s from UCLA actually show they achieve little and can even make matters worse.So what can you do to stop prostate cancer? From 2014 research it would seem: forget about the vasectomy, and lower your blood triglyceride levels. Read the triglyceride article if you want to know what to do next.

14. So what did 2014 research tell a cancer patient to do?

Research said: Start by taking vitamin D, and light daily exercise. Think about a daily small aspirin. And learn to sleep well (or consider taking melatonin). It could have said take fish oils, curcumin, CLA, resveratrol and more!

15. Environmental toxins and cancer

Xenoestrogens are linked to prostate cancer (again), alcohol-based mouthwash to throat and mouth cancers (again), Glyphospate is polluting water supplies and drugs used to treat IBS, Crohn’s and Colitis are linked to blood and lymph cancers.

Empowering you to make more informed personal health choices.
27th December 2014.  CancerActive Newsletter.

27th December 2014. CancerActive Newsletter.

I wish a Happy, Healthy New Year to you All.

I hope you all had a Happy Christmas/Holiday surrounded by Family and Friends.

I believe we are here for a Reason …. in fact, several Reasons ……… that there are things we are meant to do.

I’m a natural educator and my working life was spent helping to give teenagers the knowledge and life skills they would need in order to step out into the adult world and I’m still here, now providing information and sources of information to help people to help themselves to good health.

Until I read this letter, I didn’t know that Chris had narrowly escaped death from the Tsunami ten years ago!

It would seem that he is needed…………. to continue his work with his charity Cancer Active.

To receive Cancer Active Newsletters, click on the website link (at the end) and sign up for them.

I hope you found his report on research into Epigenetics useful. (His October Newsletter which I posted on 2nd October.)

May I remind you that, as a Modere Customer, you can “build your own microclimate” as Chris suggests, by changing your brand of toiletries etc to effective, non-toxic toiletries and effective nutritional supplements from Modere.

Join here

December 24th 2014
Happy Christmas – and a resolution for 2015

J Backhouse,

Ten years ago, my daughter Catherine had just died and I needed a break, having spent ten weeks in a hospice in London, sleeping every night in a chair by her bed. Min and I went to Phuket. Every morning I ran on the beach at Karon Bay. For Christmas day I wanted to do something different – we decided to rent a boat and go snorkling at Koh Phi Phi. In the end Min had a cold so we moved the booking to Boxing Day, at 7.30 am.The night before Min was still suffering, so at 10 pm we cancelled the booking with the poor speed boat driver. Little did we know, this was to save his and our lives. For some reason I didn’t wake at 6 am. And I didn’t run on Karon beach either. We went downstairs instead at about 8.25, when water was flooding the hotel lobby. Sadly, 200,000 people died that day. A tragedy of epic proportions. But still less than die every year from cancer in the UK. Billions have now been spent on early warning systems to prevent death from Tsunamis in South East Asia. They learned a lesson. Billions are not spent on cancer prevention. No lesson is learned.

Cancer is a bigger tragedy – the illness and its consequences just as preventable. It is desperately sad that big business rules the actions of too many people professing to help people beat cancer. When we set up CANCERactive our ultimate goal was to make ourselves un-needed. If everybody understood how to prevent cancer today, then there would be no necessity for cancer charities. But, to this day, of the UK major charities only CANCERactive talks about environmental toxins and stress being causes of cancer, not just YOUR own lifestyle excesses. From the outset we told people to build their own microclimate – so why not use 2015 to do this; for yourself, and those you love around you. And if you want another New Year’s resolution, help SPREAD THE WORD – Cancer is preventable, and reversible, today.

Happy Christmas and a Healthier New Year


The science of epigenetics has shown that 4 factors cause blockages of crucial messages around your DNA leading to chronic illnesses like cancer. Environmental toxins, stress, poor diet and hormones like oestrogen. Scientists working for drug companies and independently, have shown THESE CHANGES ARE REVERSIBLE.THESE CHANGES ARE PREVENTABLE, TOO. We have been telling you since 2004. We have the biggest cancer prevention section of any UK charity; we held Britain’s only ever major Cancer Prevention Conference right opposite the House of Commons, we designed a programme for schools (that the Government liked, but their funding refused); and we have downloadable prevention leaflets on site for you to use. Make 2015 the year you spread the word – CANCER IS PREVENTABLE; CANCER IS REVERSIBLE. TODAY.

Empowering you to make more informed personal health choices.
Over-spray of deodorant led to boy’s death

Over-spray of deodorant led to boy’s death

For those who consciously choose to source, and use, safety conscious personal care products, it is not uncommon to hear that mainstream companies are catching up by also removing potentially harmful ingredients. That can only be of benefit to everyone.

We can become complacent over time, and take for granted the great products that we already use. It sometimes takes a wake up call to remind me of what we are blessed with.

One of those wake up calls came in a newspaper article recently. It reported the death of a boy in Manchester who apparently over-used a product that everyone simply takes for granted…..the common old deodorant.

What is interesting is that a similar article from a different newspaper, also reporting a similar tragedy, appeared dated 10 years previous.

According to the first report, the boy’s blood recorded 10 times the lethal dosage of propane and butane.

The second report, dated 10 YEARS later, reports the boy apparently died of cardiac arrythmia caused by exposure to solvents in the product. See images below

So what has changed in 10 years?

Well, it appears that there are at least some products out there that, in spite of accidental deaths occurring, still appear to contain ingredients that have the potential to cause death, if used in a manner not in accordance with the warnings on the container. And these are ONLY the deaths that have been recorded in the press that people have compiled. It would not be unreasonable to ask just how many deaths have occurred worldwide from using a deodorant – if such records exist.

An interesting point, is in the most recent media report, where in the last sentence it is stated that ….He (coroner) said that he was satisfied (manufacturer) gave enough warning on its cans that excessive amounts were not to be used in confined spaces.

So, in spite of at least one death having already been reported ten years earlier, the main focus appears to remain not on removing any potentially harmful ingredients, but ensuring to the coroner’s satisfaction that the label provides adequate warning. There does not appear to have been any focus on rectifying the concern by recommending the removal of any of the potentailly harmful ingredients that may have contibuted to both tragedies.

Where do most people use a deodorant? In the bathroom, possibly the second most confined room in the house.

Who EVER reads the label on a deodorant before use? And WHY would they? It’s only a deodorant after all, used by virtually everyone, at least once every single day.

It is definitely re–assuring to be able to source and use personal care products that, due to their ingredients, are NOT required to display health warnings and safety instructions for their use.

Deodorant Death 1998

Deodorant Death 2008

Deodorant Death 2008

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