Newsletter from CancerActive October 2014. The next Chris Woollams talk is 19th April 2015 in Bracknell. Please book at

Newsletter from CancerActive October 2014. The next Chris Woollams talk is 19th April 2015 in Bracknell. Please book at

Believe it: You can correct your cancer

Chris’s Talk on 26th October was a sell-out and very well received.This one is in response to that reaction. I suggest that you book immediately if you want to attend this talk as 68 places have already been booked!

If you book to attend Chris’s Talk, please let me know. Thank you.

THIS E NEWS COULD GENUINELY CHANGE YOUR ATTITUDE TO ILLNESS: As regular followers will know, I have been using a theme of ‘Protect and Correct’ for about 7 years. I genuinely believe, like top US oncologist Dr Henry Friedman, that cancer can be cured today – if not cured, then held in remission. I believe that both ‘Protect and Correct’ is exactly what the natural compounds in the Rainbow Diet are capable of, and it was the theme of my speaking tour of Australia in April 2014. Below you will find details of a speech I will be giving in the UK on Sunday October 26th near Ascot.The theory of ‘Protect and Correct’ in the original version of The Rainbow Diet has been detailed over and over again in the last seven years. But then, it was pretty much accepted that a good diet could prevent illness. What has taken time is assimilating the proof that natural compounds in a good diet could ‘Correct’. But the science of ‘Epigenetics’ has contributed enormously. Today is a ‘starter’ e news just to set the scene. Go to article 7 and you can read a kiddies guide to Epigenetics, and a second article on the 25 top natural epigenetic compounds.While science has been confirming my previous theories, I have moved on. I’ve looked at how there are ‘foreign’ sources of DNA in your body that actually direct or ‘trump’ your own DNA – they are the secret source of your good health, if you look after them!! Excuse me if I seem excited about this new book. I think it will change the way you look at illness forever.Chris (leaves background)
Empowering people to make better health choices. Chris Woollams

1. Your gut bacteria control your gut, of course.

There’s something new going on in the world of genetics, although I wrote my first article on it back in 2005, almost ten years before the current explosion in coverage. So what’s happening in 2014? A realisation by a wider group of people, not just those in the forefront of genetic science, that you are not an organism limited by your 25,000 genes and your 7 trillion cells. You are actually a super-organism of 100,000 genes and 100 trillion cells. Welcome to the microbiome – the world of symbiotic bacteria, good and bad, that inhabit your body.Almost everyone can understand that if they get a ‘runny tummy’ when abroad, the cause is a bacterium in their gut throwing the whole balance inside out! But how many people understand that constipation is caused by gut bacteria too? Lack of fibre? Actually, fibre can make matters worse. Read our new book to understand more.

2. Your gut bacteria control your weight

Yes, seriously, it’s their fault. Well not entirely. By eating certain foods a certain strain of bacteria predominates, and this maximises the release of calories from your food. Net result? You get fatter.Of course you can do something about it!Read our new book to understand more.

3. Your gut bacteria get ill first

Study the ‘symptoms’ of colorectal cancer – like localised inflammation leading to polyps, or lowed B vitamins like biotin, B-12 and folic acid – and you soon realize that colorectal cancer symptoms are really the effects of an imbalanced gut colony. So what would you think the solution to be? Cut out the gut, or correct the core problem?Need convincing? Research has even shown that you can take bacteria from the gut of animals with colorectal cancer and ‘infect’ new, formerly healthy hosts. What’s this? Can you ‘catch’ colorectal cancer? Read our new book to understand more.

4. You cannot get better until your gut colony gets better

Everybody has heard of the dangers of MRSA in hospitals. That’s nothing. Severe infections of Clostridium difficile cause IBS, but also kill 14,000 patients a year in US hospitals; patients who may simply have gone in for a minor surgical treatment.But IBS, and C. difficile can be ‘cured’. Not by the drugs on offer which, in research, help less that 23% of patients; but by taking the bacteria from the gut of healthy people. Once the sick colonies are returned to health, so are about 85% of the patients!! What I tell you in the book, could well be the future of medicine.

5. Your gut bacteria control your moods and your brain

A 60-person study from UCLA showed that different areas of your brain were ‘controlled’ by different gut bacteria colonies. Another study showed that fearless animals have different gut bacteria to timid ones, and the majority of Autistic kids have serious intestinal problems. At least two important bacteria are known to be missing.More – there is research showing clearly that certain stomach bacteria have a link to Parkinson’s, and others in your colon cause plaques, which lead to an immune response, and that can be the start of Dementia and Alzheimer’s. Read our new book to find out more.

6. Your gum health is linked to your heart health

You can have bacterial colonies anywhere it is warm, moist and dark in your bodies. But a colony in your ear is exactly representative of the colonies in your gut.If you have a problem with your teeth and gums, beware. The bacteria that cause smelly breath can get into the blood stream. And they can cause inflammation in your arteries and lead to a heart attack.

7. Epigenetics – you are not ‘doomed’

Over the last 10 years I have been repeatedly saddened by cancer patients’ stories of negativity from their doctors and oncologists. Patients develop a feeling of helplessness, of inevitability, of doom. But as readers know, like top oncologist Dr Henry Friedman of Duke’s Carolina, I have always believed you can cure cancer – if not ‘cure’ then I believe it can at least be held in remission permanently. Given we know that no current drug kills cancer stem cells, the role you, yourself, play in your own treatment is actually immense.Epigenetics is a science that shows that genes (the structural backbones of the DNA sequence) are rarely ‘mutated’. It’s a medical myth. What actually happens is that the ‘soup’ around the core structure – the effects of acetylation, methylation, histone structure etc – causes blockages and the loss of crucial messages to be sent out. CRUCIALLY, Epigenetics has shown that certain natural compounds (there were about 40 at the last count) can affect this soup, reverse changes and undo blockages; and/ or cause other genes to produce compensating messages. Epigenetics is the science of ‘Correct and Protect’ – the simple explanation is in the Rainbow Diet. For my readers, I have written a short layman’s explanation of Epigenetics; plus a piece that lists the 25 natural compounds known to have epigenetic corrective activity. DO NOT MISS THESE ARTICLES!

8. Correct and Protect with help from your friendly bacteria

It is now established beyond all doubt that it is not just your diet that can ‘Correct and Protect’ and unblock the blockages. Your friendly bacteria in and around your body, if you understand them, can be brought in to help overcome most problems. Indeed I believe we are about to witness the biggest paradigm shift in health imaginable. Why? Because of an inconvenient truth. Drugs and particularly antibiotics, make matters worse.You can avoid illness by keeping your microbiome healthy; you can start to correct illness by starting to correct the imbalances and problems in your gut.

9. Come and hear the ‘Protect and Correct’ speech

So, you have TWO mechanisms working inside your body, capable of ‘TRUMPING’ core genetic issues. And I will be talking about both – the science of ‘Epigenetics’ and The Secret Source of Your Good Health in a speech on Sunday morning 26th October. Tickets can be obtained by following the link below. This has got to be worth an hour of your time.EPIGENETICS RULES. OK? TICKETS FOR THE SPEECH – contact or call UK 01753 664455

10. Follow this e news series over the coming months

At the last count there were over 40 natural compounds with known Epigenetic benefits. Plus a stack of minerals. And over the next editions of this e news I will bring you research examples of cancers where certain natural compounds have been shown to help stop metastases, or stop tumour growth. You need to know.Remember: Start with the two articles below. They are essential reading.

11. Personal Prescriptions

I like to think I have enough time to help about 5 people a month, but it doesn’t always work out that way. Last month we had the new magazine to get out. It is being sent out right now, to hospitals and cancer centres all around the UK. But I will become more free now, and so if you’d like some genuine help with your next steps in fighting cancer, or you’d really like someone to spell out your choices, follow the link below.

12. Your lifestyle controls your DNA

A study of 12,000 identical twins in Sweden concluded that at least 55% of their health determination was nothing to do with their genetic code, but was to do with their environment and lifestyle.How many times have you heard us tell you, ‘Take Light Daily Exercise if you have cancer’. Now even the mainstream cancer charities are catching on in the UK.

Empowering you to make more informed personal health choices.