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Why Modere Skin Care Products Really Are Skin CARE Products.

“Why is it that at 16, girls’ skin is better than boys’ skin but at 60, men’s skin is better than women’s skin?”
Well the answer can often be found in the skin care and cosmetics that women use, where the ingredients can prematurely age the skin.

Until recently, men haven’t used them.

The Skin Cell Journey

It takes about 4 weeks for new skin cells to rise to the surface and by then they have less than 1% moisture left in them.
The idea of skin care is to plump up these cells near the surface so that the skin looks smooth and firm.

The question is: “How is this usually done?”

When choosing skin care products we need to be aware of ingredients, such as propylene glycol, which block the skin’s matrix because, due to their molecular size, they sit on top of the skin like a plastic bag, preventing the skin breathing and getting rid of waste. This causes spots and sensitivity. (The skin is a major detox organ).
In order to try and wash away this blockage, moisture is drawn up from live cells beneath, thus plumping up the top cells giving the skin a “healthier appearance”.
What it is actually doing is damaging the newly formed skin cells = Aging them.

If you put a waterproof plaster on your hand and leave it overnight, when you remove it, your skin will be pink, moist and plump – the same effect!

Modere Skin Care does not do this.


Modere’s philosophy is to work on the 4th week area and try to retain 2% moisture.

Modere Skin Care products (like the rest of their products) are always based on the latest scientific research, using ingredients which make the products safe for us to use AND which are effective.

The molecular size of ingredients in all our Skin Care ranges is smaller than the molecular size of skin’s matrix, that is, less than 350. so…

Our cleansers penetrate the skin, gently washing away dirt and impurities from the matrix and the pores. Our clarifier gently removes dead cells from the

surface without damaging the mantle of the skin.

Our carefully chosen moisturising ingredients actually enter the upper skin cells, practically doubling their moisture content.
Our ranges also deliver nutrients and anti-oxidant protection into the cells along with SPF15 protection.

Modere Skin Care is designed to defend and enhance the health of the skin as well as improve its surface appearance.

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Beauty Balance Brilliance

The Best of Science and the Best of Nature

Five Simple Steps

It really doesn’t have to be complicated. Our skin care can be broken down into five regimen steps.

Step 1- Cleanse

Whether removing your make-up or lifting the day’s accumulated dirt and impurities, cleansing is the essential start to your skin care regimen.

 Eye Makeup Remover Duo Phase

For effortless makeup removal

This unique, liquid formula is perfectly crafted for powerful and thorough eye makeup removal. It provides an “oil phase” to gently dissolve waterproof eye makeup, and a “water phase” to eliminate water soluble eye makeup while conditioning eyelashes and surrounding skin. This mild formula effortlessly clears delicate skin of the most stubborn eye makeup and other residues, preparing it for effective cleaning.

The blue colour is not for visible effect. It comes from the copper sulphate whose purpose is to make the pH of the product the same pH as our tears so that the eye is protected.



There are 2 skin types — dry (mature) and normal/combination skin. Sensitive skin is not a “type”, it is damaged skin. Each cleanser is a mild

formulation that respond to the skin’s cleansing needs. The cleanser for Normal skin accommodates a wide range of normal skin variations and preserves the skin’s delicate moisture balance to create a perfectly clean complexion ready for nourishment.
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Step 2 – Exfoliate

Benefits gained by the removal of dead skin cells.

Washing and towelling removes most dead cells but not all and they stay on the skin’s surface. Light is reflected back from the surfaces of these dead cells in all directions so the complexion looks dull. When the skin is smooth, light reflects back smoothly in one direction only and the complexion looks radiant and glowing!
Can Men Benefit? Yes. These dead cells act like “speed bumps” to a man’s razor, quite often causing nicks and bleeding, blunting the razor. Use:- Cleanser/Clarifier — Shaving Cream —- Balm.  The results are a smooth shave and the razor lasts longer!


A mild exfoliator that leaves skin smooth and luminous

Exfoliator is a mild exfoliator that gently sweeps away dead skin cells and surface impurities, leaving skin smooth and luminous. Featuring a unique blend of natural bamboo, jojoba beads, and prickly pear, this natural, new generation clarifier conditions, tones, and tightens pores, reorienting the complexion and rejuvenating skin, leaving it in a receptive, balanced state.

It does not peel off the top layer exposing the new, immature skin beneath.



Step 3 – Tone
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Our Toner, Combination Skin is feather light, oil-free, and uses natural exotic plant extracts to bring uneven complexions into proper balance.

  • Effectively hydrates skin and balances the complexion.
  • Feather light formula won’t overwhelm spots prone to excess oil.
  • Natural plant extracts are gentle.
  • After moisturising (day and night) spray again and massage gently to carry the moisturiser deeper into the skin.


This luxuriously rich lotion was developed specifically for dry complexions. Packed with powerful proteins that deliver abundant moisture, and fortified with botanical oils and Chinese Skullcap extract, there’s no better way to pamper and restore hydration to troubled skin.

  • Ideal for dry complexions.
  • Intense moisturizer delivers vital hydration.
  • Combines botanical oils and Chinese Skullcap extract to soothe skin.




Step 4 – Target

We have 5 special formulations to help with specific needs. I shall add these later. Please check back.

Step 5 – Moisturise

After cleansing and clarifying the skin is now ready to be nourished with essential moisture which includes a strategic mix of vitamins, anti-oxidants and other valuable botanicals.

Day Cream and Day Lotion…. Protect AM
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Moisture and protection for the skin’s daytime needs

There are moisturisers for each skin type. The lotions provide SPF15 for sun screen coverage offering UVA and UVB protection. and safeguards the skin from other environmental pollutants.  Protect AM lotions provide SPF 15 offer moisture and protection for skin’s daytime needs. Featuring zinc oxide sunscreen, along with liposomes that assist with hydro protection, vitamins, and antioxidants, these finely crafted formulas defend skin against sun damage and other environmental factors while leaving skin smooth and touchable, as it repels daily environmental assaults while delivering protective compounds to the skin’s surface.



Night Cream…. Renew PM

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Moisture and protection for skin’s night-time needs
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Each of the two formulas provides the required balance, ample hydration, and moisture retention for the skin’s night-time needs. With a diverse selection of natural oils, vitamins, antioxidants,and essential fatty acids, these formulations act to revitalise skin overnight. Working in conjunction with anti-aging factors, they can decelerate the signs of aging and visibly rejuvenate the skin. These dynamic formulas reinvigorate tired-looking skin, returning it to a youthful glow with important botanical extracts that improve skin vitality while you sleep so your complexion appears rejuvenated and rested.



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