The Grooming Box

The Grooming Box

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The Grooming Box.


Men who already enjoy these products tell me that “razor-burn” is a thing of the past, that their facial skin is now clear, smooth and healthy and that shaving is a pleasure.  They also say that their razors last longer!100_1250.jpgsmall

Suggested Items

Clarifier                                          2331      A Flannel

Close Shaving Gel                          5704      A Shaving Brush

Protect AM for Normal Skin        2333AU

Renew PM for Normal Skin         2334

Hydrating Activator                      2366GB       Essential/Aromatherapy Oil



There is a very good reason why men should use the Clarifier to gently remove the dead skin particles not removed by washing  ———– they act as “speed bumps” preventing the razor from gliding smoothly.

Put a pea sized amount into a damp palm, spread it over the hands before using it to wash the face. Rinse thoroughly using warm water and the flannel.


Close Shaving Gel

Like Clarifier, put a small amount into a damp palm. Either spread between the hand and rub onto the face or mix it onto a brush.

WAIT for 15 to 20 seconds.

The hair shaft will absorb it and then stand up away from the face so that one glide of the razor cuts it off.   (Some men like a second application before shaving, others say one is enough.)


Protect AM

Unless a man has really dry or papery-thin skin, “Normal” is fine otherwise use the one for “Dry Skin.”

Remember that our products put moisture into the live cells beneath the skin’s surface so, initially, you may need a fair amount but after about a week, only a little will be needed.


Hydrating Activator

Spray and massage in. It is designed to push our moisturisers deeper into the skin as well as supplying moisture itself.

This can be used at any time of day to refresh the skin.

Adding up to 10 drops of Essential oil gives an “After Shave” smell.


Renew PM

This is especially formulated to help the skin repair and renew whilst we sleep.



Ultimate Shampoo, Exuberance Hair Conditioner and Second Chance Hair Care Range (for thinning hair) are also useful gifts.


Click on “Products” and see what the “TrueTouch Skincare Range” and other Personal Care products can do for you and your friends.

I hope you find this helpful but if I’ve failed to explain something properly or you simply have other questions, please contact me and I’ll do my best.

Best wishes,




Design your own Beauty Box

Design your own Beauty Box

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The Designer Beauty Box


You can put together a basic collection:-

 cleanse, tone, moisturize a.m. and p.m.

and add products which target specific “challenges” such as wrinkles, puffy eyes etc. (see the end of this message)

Most modern “perfumes” consist of about 150 synthetic chemicals. They are not made from flowers or other plants and, on a lot of people including myself, when they combine with the wearer’s natural chemistry—- they stink awful!

I solve this problem by putting some moisturising Toner into a smaller spray and adding a few drops of my favourite essential oil.

What makes Modere Skincare products so Special that they will really Care for the skin of the people you care about, delivering Results without compromising their health?

It takes about 4 weeks for new skin cells to rise to the surface and by then they have less than 1% moisture left in them.

The idea of skin care is to plump up these cells near the surface so that the skin looks smooth and firm.

The question is: “How is this conventionally done?”

When choosing skin care products we need to be aware of ingredients, such as propylene glycol, which sits on top of the skin like a plastic bag, preventing the skin breathing and giving off waste. (The skin is a major detox organ).

In order to try and wash away this blockage, the body draws moisture up from live cells beneath, (damaging them in the process), thus plumping up the top cells giving the skin a “healthier appearance”.

If you put a waterproof plaster on your hand and leave it overnight, when you remove it, your skin will be pink, moist and plump – the same effect.


Our products work in a better and healthier way.

 Modere Skin Care products (like the rest of our products) are always based on the latest scientific research, using ingredients which make the products safe for us to use AND which are effective.

The molecular size of ingredients in all our Skin Care products, is small enough to pass into the skin.


  • Our cleansers penetrate the skin, gently washing away dirt and clearing impurities from pores.

  • Our carefully chosen moisturising ingredients actually enter the upper skin cells, practically doubling their moisture content.

  • Our ranges also deliver nutrients and anti-oxidant protection into the cells along with SPF15 protection.

Modere products are designed to defend and enhance the health of the skin as well as its surface appearance.

I have yet to find any other brand designed to do this.

It’s no wonder that users of our ranges have baby-soft, healthy skin, with few wrinkles as they get older .

Modere has products for all skin types and several specialist products which target areas needing specific attention.


Go to

for details of ingredients, usage etc.

Apply the code 994155 when you open your account to receive £10 discount on your first order. and free shipping if your order came to £89 before your discount was applied. 


 I hope you find this helpful but if I’ve failed to explain something properly or you simply have other questions, please contact me and I’ll do my best.

Best wishes,


PS Remember to apply the code 994155 to receive your £10 Discount.



Design your own Beauty Box

Gifts designed with the recipient in mind.

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Gifts for Christmas.

It’s That time of year again,

 ………………………………..  when everybody’s steeling themselves for the trek around the shops, heaving with other people all desperately looking for special “somethings” to give as gifts.  Oh joy!!

I’ve been thinking about Christmas presents and it struck me that you might find my thoughts interesting and useful, so here they are….

To me, the point of Christmas presents is to give, with love, something special to the people we love.

Do you think that too?

However, for some time now I’ve found it very difficult to find that “something special” in the shops because people had already bought what they wanted, when they decided they wanted it.   So……… I decided to put together my own combination of things which I know will please each person and, at the same time, will not cause them any harm.

 100_1241.jpgsmall straightened

For example. One of my friends loves to luxuriate in the bath, so last year I gave her Indulge Bubble Bath and Tender Care Hand and Body Lotion, each wrapped in Florist’s (Seasonal) cellophane tied up with curly ribbons; some tea-lights with a pretty glass container (similarly wrapped) and then all wrapped together in Christmas paper. She was really pleased and enjoyed numerous hours of relaxation without any toxic chemicals to hurt her!  Mission accomplished.

 Have you thought that, without leaving the house,you also have access to toiletries, skin care and cosmetics which are truly unusual and unique because, being based on real  science, they are not only toxin-free, they really are effective too?



With fancy boxes, gift bags, tissue paper, ribbons and bows readily available in the Christmas 100_1247.jpgsmallShops, small baskets in Charity Shops and Seasonal cellophane from your local Florist with tissue paper, it’s easy to gift-wrap Your Designer presents in a personal and unique way too.

I made the gift bag on the right but you can buy them and  personalise them by replacing the handles with 2 bows to fasten them together or with a longer ribbon going through all 4 holes ending in a single bow.








I used wire-edged ribbon for the 2 bows above, curling the ends by wrapping them around the handle of a wooden mixing spoon.
If you use metalic ribbon you can achieve the same effect by pulling the ends across the sharp edge of a pair of scissors.


If these ideas appeal to you, why not click on the link below,

I’m sure you will be surprised and pleased.

You will find a variety of products which can be combined to make a  “Beauty Box”  to pamper the ladies and  a ” Grooming Box” for the men in your life to make shaving quicker and easier …. and cut out “razor burn”  !

I’ll post ideas for a Beauty Box and a Grooming Box separately.

If you want any help at all, please contact me.

I hope you have a happy and fun Christmas from “start to finish”!

Best wishes,