Of all the Rooms in Your Home which do You Think is the Most Dangerous?


Toxin-free bathroom
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Toxin-free bathroom

When you ask people that question, most say that it’s the kitchen but when you think of the danger zone in terms of health risks rather than injuries, the answer is actually,
“The bathroom!”

Well, many of the health challenges we face today are caused by inadequate nutrition and exposure to environmental toxins and the skin, the body’s largest organ, is like a sponge, soaking up whatever we put on it.

For this reason we need to pay as much attention to what we put onto our bodies as to what we put into them.

Modere currently AVOIDS more than 3000 commonly used ingredients because the are either not safe or their safety is unknown!
modere avoids 3000 - umbrella
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Modere have done the research and have chosen to avoid more than 3000 ingredients routinely used in the manufacture of personal care products – without sacrificing quality or performance.
In fact, replacing certain ingredients has actually enhanced effectiveness.
(You can find a list of some of the ones they avoid and the types of products they are in here.)

What was the First Product this Company Made?

Their first product was a shampoo and as the most dangerous room in the home is the Bathroom, a good way to start your new Live Clean life is with the Bathroom Collection

This Collection is a simple and convenient way to sample 10 of their best-selling personal care products. They deliver not just performance but also peace of mind with their safety-conscious formulas.

Contents   (Subject to periodic changes)

  • Deodorant, 50ml
  • Body Lotion, 245ml
  • Mouth Rinse, 500ml
  • Toothpaste, 175g
  • Conditioner, All Hair Types, 350ml
  • Shampoo, All Hair Types, 350ml
  • FREE Body Wash, 350ml

The Bathroom Collection by Modere enhances and improves your appearance with products designed to beautify, cleanse, and renew.

A Perfect Blend of Science and Nature.
Effective Safe Economical


Dental Health

Until I found this company in 2000, I hated cleaning my teeth. The taste and texture of toothpaste caused an involuntary action in the back of my throat. (I’m sure you know which one I mean!)

Modere toothpaste is are not actually paste -it’s a light, clear gel.
It contains an ingredient, harmless to us, which dissolves food film and destroys bacteria -not that there are a lot of those because there’s a lack of food film for them to eat!!

At my last appointment, my Dentist remarked that my teeth were very clean. I answered that of course they were because I’d just cleaned them. I wouldn’t come with dirty teeth!
His reply was, “No, I meant there is no plaque for me to remove. See you in A YEAR” !


It has an ingredient which helps to re-mineralise the teeth, (mine haven’t been sensitive for years) and the mild clean taste is provided by the herb Mentha Piperita (peppermint)
They contain no harsh abrasives or chemicals to damage the inside of the mouth or to be absorbed into the blood stream.
One friend no longer suffers from mouth ulcers and another who had suffered burning sensation 24 hours a day, which the doctor and dentist could do nothing about, no longer has that problem.
They are also value for money. It lasts me at least 3 months.

Below is a warning on a toothpaste I bought in the USA. It is a big seller here too but UK law does not require the warnings. 

“If you accidentally swallow more than used for brushing, seek professional help or contact a poison control center immediately.”

Toothpaste is a poison???

Modere toothpaste needs no warnings because it is both effective and SAFE! This is important because the quickest route into the blood-steam is under the tongue.

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Modere Mouth Rinse eliminates bacteria and is the perfect partner for the toothpaste because it too dissolves food film and removes mouth odours (e.g. onion breath).
It is also gentle, causing us no harm because it contains no alcohol nor harsh chemicals.
After thoroughly rinsing, don’t eat or drink for 15 minutes to allow it to continue working.
It has other uses too. A few drops works better than cold water when you burn your arm on the oven door. It also removes beetroot and red wine stains from white cotton.
I can supply a full list –just ask.


Hair Health

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Modere has 2 shampoos, both mild and gentle but extremely effective. I’ve used the same shampoo since 2000 – no burn out!
An All Purpose Shampoo and a Moisturising one.

I use a plunger in the shampoos because then I can control how much shampoo I am using so that I don’t waste any.

Many ladies have sparse hair due to an ingredient that Modere has never used – SLS. It corrodes the hair follicle so that instead of growing for 2 years, falling out for 3 months and then regrowing for 4 years, the hair grows slowly for 2 years and falls out before slowly regrowing for 2 years. The cumulative effect is a lack of hair.

I don’t have that problem. Despite my “advancing years” I have a full head of healthy hair.




All Purpose Conditioner is unusual. Do not rinse it off immediately. Leave for a few minutes because, unlike other conditioners, it does not coat the hair, it is absorbed by the hair shaft, moisturising and strengthening it. The shine comes from light which is reflected from its now smooth surface. In fact, I don’t rinse it off so it continues to protect my hair from the environment.




Body Care

 Cleansing Bar
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For those who like hand soap there is a cleansing bar.  It is vegetable based so it contains no tallow. It exfoliates without damaging your skin and the scent is provided by natural essential oils.




Bath and Shower Gel


As its name suggests Modere Shower Gel is a gel so that it does not dry the skin. It leaves it soft and refreshed. It’s perfect in the shower, bath and for washing hands because it’s good for all skin types, sensitive and delicate skin. It is wonderful for babies and young children because it’s toxin free.
I always dilute it into Foamers for ease of use on  the bathroom and kitchen sinks.





Bubble Bath
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I love the Bubble Bath. A couple of capfuls into running water provides luxurious relaxation and helps you sleep. It does the same for fractious babies too!!

It has a beautiful smell and once a week I treat myself to a long relaxing soak with a cup of coffee and a book!



This is a powerful deodorant with naturally deodorising herbs that keep you fresh without upsetting your skin’s respiration: coriander, sage, eucalyptus and aloe vera.

NB. this is not an anti-perspirant. Perspiration is the body’s way of getting rid of the toxins and other waste products which accumulate in the lymphatic system (the body’s sewage system.) The skin is our largest detox organ and when this function is interfered with, our health is adversely affected.

It does not contain aluminium salts.





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