Help For Migraine Sufferers.

Help For Migraine Sufferers.

I put this information together to help a friend who has severe migraines and then I thought it could help others too so … it is 🙂

According to a friend who is, amongst other things, a medical doctor, all “types” of migraines are due to the capillaries in the shoulders, neck and head contracting, therefore restricting blood flow to the head/brain, so they need to be relaxed (dilated).

When a doctor says your problem is due to your genes what it really means is that you are simply more susceptible that other people are.

Nutrients which dilate blood vessels and keep blood at the right consistency to flow well are in these nutrient supplements:-

Mineral Solutions (L. Arginine), Cell Protect (Ginko Biloba, vitamin E etc), Endurance (Cordyceps Sinensis, ginger etc)  and Omega 3 (EPA, DHA and Vitamin E), Protozymes (probiotics).

(It isn’t necessary to take all of the above, although each one has many other benefits for health too. Contact me via Messenger from my FB profile page – – to arrange a free consultation.)

Things to avoid.

Red wine, cheese, red meat, all chocolate, white foods eg. Potato, anything made from white flour (including pasta) sugar, white rice; refined carbohydrates

Add into your diet.

Walnuts, peanuts, almonds, chicken, turkey, chick peas, lentils, (in fact all legumes) —-they contain the amino acid L. Arginine.

Seeds .. pumpkin, chia.

Fresh spinach, beetroot (raw in green juices and cooked), parsley, ginger root, a small amount of Cayenne pepper, garlic.

Brown rice, cooked green veg (eg. broccoli, spinach, chard, kale, Spring Greens).

Drink 2 litres of pure water each day.

Visit an osteopath.

A hot water bottle on neck or shoulders can also sometimes dilate/relax capillaries as can massaging to relax the muscles. 🙂

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JuneMary 🙂


Goodbye Diabetes — How?

Goodbye Diabetes — How?

This is for real!

Just over a year ago, Modere launched a new Weight Management system in the US market and it has taken off like a rocket.

Why? Because it is simple to use and follow, IT IS NOT A “SLIMMING” DIET and there is no need to feel hungry.

In April of this year my friends Jo’ and Larry went to Utah and were blown away by the results people were achieving and  managed to get a two month supply and bring it home to use – look what happened.

This is Larry’s story.

“I am 65, a type 2 diabetic (the drugs don’t help with weight challenges) and in April weighed 15st 7½ lbs with a 38” waist.

Within the two months of M3 my results were remarkable. My life and fitness levels improved dramatically – everyone remarked on the changes in me.

Not only did those unwanted pounds drop away but my waist size reduced dramatically. Gone were the 38” waist flat front trousers and on with modern 34” waist skinny jeans and trousers – It was a GREAT feeling my weight had dropped an amazing 18lbs to 14st 3½lbs and I had finished my supply – I had to wait for the launch.

Then came the great news. Modere Europe allowed 400 people to qualify for a 3 month trial beginning at the end of June prior to the launch of this fantastic system at the beginning of September.

I held my weight during the ‘off period’ and then came the second breakthrough – 3 weeks later I had dropped another 3lbs to 14st 0½ lb and my total weight loss was

21lbs – that is a 1½ stones or 9.5 kg                                     

I haven’t been this light for over 20 years and the best part is I am not hungry at all!!!!!

My energy is higher and my blood sugar readings lower with less insulin.”

How does it work? It’s simple –

TAKE 3 – FOR 3 – DO 3

The M3 Pledge is so simple. TAKE 3

There are three products, Ignite is 2 capsules twice a day to raise your metabolism and help you burn more fat.

Sustain is a shake powder that you take any time during the day when you start wanting a snack (either mid-morning or mid-afternoon). You continue to eat meals but following the Mediterranean diet. I don’t get hungry.

Sync is a chocolate flavoured shake for the evening. Again not a meal replacement but simply to cope with any ‘snack pangs’ and can even be made a wonderful hot chocolate drink.

FOR 3 The Pledge is for 3 months – that soon flies by!

DO 3   You pledge to do 3 out of 5 activities.

  • Drink 5 glasses of water a day
  • Avoid sugary drinks
  • Don’t eat fried foods
  • Eliminate the white stuff; sugar, rice and flour
  • Walk 7,500 steps

Not difficult I know but here is the good news.

You only have to choose 3 out of 5 and can swap your choices at any time.

In fact Larry has recently undergone surgery on a toe and cannot really walk for a month but he is still keeping his weight programme going by ‘doing’ 3 .


OK so you are interested – who wouldn’t be with the results I have shown you.

The Modere M3 System has taken the US market by storm. Why?

Because it produces results (follow the M3 Pledge and they are guaranteed) and because of those results people are sharing this product and that has exploded the sales.

How does it work? What makes this so different?

Well watch this video featuring Greg Horne the scientist behind this amazing formulation and then in my next message I will share with you how to become one of the very first Europeans to get your hands on M3 and as a new customer you can even use a special promotion code I will give you to receive £10 off your first purchase.

This is just over 5 minutes so watch the whole video and then send me a message telling me how you excited that makes you feel.

This is exciting. Contact me with your telephone number and get on the Priority List

I look forward to hearing from you.

Best wishes,


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