27th December 2014.  CancerActive Newsletter.

27th December 2014. CancerActive Newsletter.

I wish a Happy, Healthy New Year to you All.

I hope you all had a Happy Christmas/Holiday surrounded by Family and Friends.

I believe we are here for a Reason …. in fact, several Reasons ……… that there are things we are meant to do.

I’m a natural educator and my working life was spent helping to give teenagers the knowledge and life skills they would need in order to step out into the adult world and I’m still here, now providing information and sources of information to help people to help themselves to good health.

Until I read this letter, I didn’t know that Chris had narrowly escaped death from the Tsunami ten years ago!

It would seem that he is needed…………. to continue his work with his charity Cancer Active.

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I hope you found his report on research into Epigenetics useful. (His October Newsletter which I posted on 2nd October.)

May I remind you that, as a Modere Customer, you can “build your own microclimate”¬†as Chris suggests, by changing your brand of toiletries etc to effective, non-toxic toiletries and effective nutritional supplements from Modere.

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December 24th 2014
Happy Christmas – and a resolution for 2015

J Backhouse,

Ten years ago, my daughter Catherine had just died and I needed a break, having spent ten weeks in a hospice in London, sleeping every night in a chair by her bed. Min and I went to Phuket. Every morning I ran on the beach at Karon Bay. For Christmas day I wanted to do something different – we decided to rent a boat and go snorkling at Koh Phi Phi. In the end Min had a cold so we moved the booking to Boxing Day, at 7.30 am.The night before Min was still suffering, so at 10 pm we cancelled the booking with the poor speed boat driver. Little did we know, this was to save his and our lives. For some reason I didn’t wake at 6 am. And I didn’t run on Karon beach either. We went downstairs instead at about 8.25, when water was flooding the hotel lobby. Sadly, 200,000 people died that day. A tragedy of epic proportions. But still less than die every year from cancer in the UK. Billions have now been spent on early warning systems to prevent death from Tsunamis in South East Asia. They learned a lesson. Billions are not spent on cancer prevention. No lesson is learned.

Cancer is a bigger tragedy – the illness and its consequences just as preventable. It is desperately sad that big business rules the actions of too many people professing to help people beat cancer. When we set up CANCERactive our ultimate goal was to make ourselves un-needed. If everybody understood how to prevent cancer today, then there would be no necessity for cancer charities. But, to this day, of the UK major charities only CANCERactive talks about environmental toxins and stress being causes of cancer, not just YOUR own lifestyle excesses. From the outset we told people to build their own microclimate – so why not use 2015 to do this; for yourself, and those you love around you. And if you want another New Year’s resolution, help SPREAD THE WORD – Cancer is preventable, and reversible, today.

Happy Christmas and a Healthier New Year


The science of epigenetics has shown that 4 factors cause blockages of crucial messages around your DNA leading to chronic illnesses like cancer. Environmental toxins, stress, poor diet and hormones like oestrogen. Scientists working for drug companies and independently, have shown THESE CHANGES ARE REVERSIBLE.THESE CHANGES ARE PREVENTABLE, TOO. We have been telling you since 2004. We have the biggest cancer prevention section of any UK charity; we held Britain’s only ever major Cancer Prevention Conference right opposite the House of Commons, we designed a programme for schools (that the Government liked, but their funding refused); and we have downloadable prevention leaflets on site for you to use. Make 2015 the year you spread the word – CANCER IS PREVENTABLE; CANCER IS REVERSIBLE. TODAY.

Empowering you to make more informed personal health choices.