Benefits of Transferring Your Spending to Modere.

Benefits of Transferring Your Spending to Modere.

Benefits of Transferring Your Spending to Modere.                                                          


Every Modere purchase you make is a win for your health, your family and the environment.  gives you a £10 discount for trying them! 🙂


All Modere products are equal parts safe and effective – all in one place!

Safe because their ingredients:-
• Do not block the skin and prevent it respiring – vitally important because this is one of the ways we expel toxins.
• Do not make the skin more permeable thus ensuring that its “barrier” function is not impaired.
• Are not harmful and don’t divert the liver from its natural detoxing job in order to deal with absorbed toxins.
• Do not corrode the hair follicles leading to loss of hair.
• Do not strip the protective natural oils from skin and hair.
• Do not damage the inside of the mouth.
• Do not damage the environment.
• Are not tested on animals.

Effective because they:-
• Do the job they are designed to do
• Nourish skin and hair
• Save money because they are highly concentrated

Have great Rewards for customer loyalty.

Buy Now:-  gives you a £10 discount for trying them! 🙂


All in all, Modere provides great value and convenience.

Live Clean with Renewed Health


The Live Clean Philosophy

Hello, I’m JuneMary and my passion is helping people to Live Clean and enjoy a longer, healthier life.

One major stumbling block to a healthy life is the many harmful and questionable chemicals in products we use on a daily basis, such as Bathroom products, as is shown by research dating as far back as 1989 when the US Dept of Occupational Safety and Health analysed 2,983 chemicals used in personal care products such as toothpaste, bubble bath, cosmetics etc.
884 were toxic.
~~~~~~~~~~~~~~ Of these:-

778 were acutely toxic
146 were carcinogenic
218 caused reproductive complications
314 caused biological mutations
376 caused eye and skin irritation

The number of chemicals used in everyday products increases yearly and most chemicals remain untested by Regulatory Bodies

Experiences like … never feeling 100%, being tired all the time, always catching something, not sleeping properly, indigestion, skin problems … are early indications that the body is under attack!

My improved health shows that by adopting the Live Clean philosophy, we can change this so come with me on this journey of Renewed Health by joining my Renewed Health Community on FB and see how you too could have the benefits we all want.

Transfer your spending now, get £10 / €10 / $10 off your first order and feel great with these benefits:-

I look forward to meeting you.