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“Exposing the lies of the personal care industry”  Toxic overload in your home and how to avoid it.

“Why Minerals are Vital. The title says exactly what it contains.

“Testimonials” from ordinary people and from Health Care professionals about the benefits they discovered by taking Mineral Solutions.

“Kirlian Photography.” A very interesting conference call for our group in which a Medical Herbalist explains how Kirlian photography shows our state of health and how powerful, or not, nutritional supplements are! Also why lack of minerals and vitamins is causing us to suffer from ailments like childhood ADHD to Osteoporosis and Cancer as we age and how Mineral  Solutions and other supplements are beneficial.

“Antioxidants.” Explanation of what Free Radicals are, what Anti-oxidants are and why we need them for good health.

“Testimonials” from people who benefited from taking “Cell Protect”

“Secret Source of Health and Wellbeing.”  A general explanation by a bio-chemist of just how much our good health is dependent on particular strains of bacteria in our digestive system.

“Advanced Probiotics – Protozymes” Listen to a live seminar followed by an interview with the doctor who formulated this remarkable product as she tells how she uses these probiotics for particular conditions.


“New Ways for Babies.”

Some of the 3000 Ingredients Modere Avoids (PDF Download)PDF-logo-Adobe-scan-to-convert-from

Minerals  ( PDF Download )

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