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Help For Migraine Sufferers.

I put this information together to help a friend who has severe migraines and then I thought it could help others too so it is 🙂 According to a friend who is, amongst other things, a medical doctor, all “types” of migraines are due to the capillaries in...

Is Your Home a Safe Place?

Why We Need To Become Label Readers We are all familiar with the saying "It's the final straw that breaks the camel's back."    Today that saying is applicable to our well-being, the "straws" being all the factors which are causing our bodies...

Goodbye Diabetes — How?

This is for real! Just over a year ago, Modere launched a new Weight Management system in the US market and it has taken off like a rocket. Why? Because it is simple to use and follow, IT IS NOT A "SLIMMING" DIET and there is no need to feel hungry. In April of this...

Weight Management – THE M3 BODY SYSTEM

The innovative M3 Body System, based on the highly researched Mediterranean lifestyle, is a proven weight management programme to get and maintain extraordinary unwanted fat removal. Please contact me to register your interest. : M3 is our...

Food that helps to burn fat

5 Ways Eating Fat Helps to Burn off Unwanted Body Fat Fat Burns Fat. Our bodies are fat-burning machines NOT carbohydrate-burning machines because originally our diet consisted of flesh, fruit, green plants and the occasional root and, contrary to what we have been...

Essential anti-aging skin care

Why Modere Skin Care Products Really Are Skin CARE Products. "Why is it that at 16, girls' skin is better than boys' skin but at 60, men's skin is better than women's skin?"Well the answer can often be found in the skin care and cosmetics that women use, where the...


A SIMPLE SOLUTION TO EASE STIFF JOINTS. Last year I developed a problem bending my left knee whilst standing...I could feel and hear it grinding! A scan showed that I had worn away cartilage from the top of my shin bone. I was most unhappy because it interfered with...
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