Why is Renewed Health needed?

Why is the Healthy Homes Club Needed?

draft_lens9554261_1266358063mike_HHC.jcropped_pgToday, most of us are aware that our food is lacking in nutrients — even if we buy organic — and that adversley affects our health.
Also we are more aware of the potentially harmful ingredients in the many products we use every day in our homes, making it a nightmare to decide which supplements we need and which products are the safest.
So, the Healthy Homes Club was formed to make life better.

Our motto is
“An ounce of prevention is worth a pound of cure”.

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“What are the Benefits of Joining our Healthy Homes Club?”

It takes out the “guess-work”.

  • Free to join.
  • Free access to accurate information to help you safeguard your family’s health and well-being.
  • Direct access, at trade prices, to more than 250 effective, toxin-free toiletries, skin care, laundry, household products.
  • Direct access, at trade prices, to powerfully effective nutritional supplements (including weight and body shape management) formulated using the latest scientific research and the best quality ingredients, in the right combination and strength.
  • Products are very cost-effective.
  • A “One-Stop Shop” for all your family’s needs.
  • Order on-line or, if you wish, contact me.
  • Delivered to your door.



As a product user, the manufacturing company also offers you  many benefits:


  • £10 off your 1st order
  • £10 credit whenever one of your friends becomes a customer
  • Free shipping
  • A shopping credit on your birthday
  • A free monthly draw to win one-of-a-kind experiences


Does your current supplier pay you when you bring them new customers?

Wouldn’t YOU like to be financially rewarded when you help someone else to be healthy?


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then please   Contact Me for more information    I am here to explain all your choices in order for you to gain the most benefit. I look forward to “meeting” you

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