Why I start my day with a glass of warm lemon water.

Drinking warm (body temperature) water first thing every morning stimulates my digestive process so my stomach can get ready to receive food. Warm water is best because the body finds it difficult to absorb water that is too hot or too cold , leaving us poorly hydrated. By adding a couple of thick slices of squeezed lemon to it and allowing it to “stand” for a few minutes before drinking is so easy to do and has so many benefits that I found it worth taking the time to add to my morning routine. (If you have no lemon you can use lime.)

Lemon Water
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How it helps digestion and also acts a a natural, gentle diuretic.

The warm water stimulates peristalsis—the waves of muscles in the intestines and colon which keeps things moving. The juice also increases the rate of urination. This means that the toxins collected in the digestive tract which are loosened by the minerals and vitamins, are quickly flushed out.

Toxins and the Lymphatic System.

Warm water also hydrates the system which provides sweat so that we get rid of toxins through the skin and the lymph nodes, which are found under the arms, in the groin area and the inside of the knee and elbow joints.
This system is very important because it is the body’s sewage system and it vital that this works properly!

A clear skin.

Lemon juice helps to clean the blood which helps to keep the skin free of blemishes.

It helps to balance the body’s pH.

As you will know, our well-being depends on the body being alkaline and although lemons/limes are acidic themselves, they’re actually alkaline when digested so they are good for us to consume.

Lemons are a boost to the immune system

Lemons contain Vitamin C which is good for fighting colds (especially when unprocessed honey is added) and the potassium they also contain stimulates brain and nerve function and helps to control blood pressure.

It helps with weight loss

Lemons contain a lot of pectin fiber and this helps to fight those hunger cravings for carbohydrate “filling” foods, making it easier to maintain an alkaline diet and get rid of unwanted wieght faster.

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