Nutrients necessary for optimum health, why they are missing and how to get them.

Nutrients necessary for optimum health, why they are missing and how to get them.

Is malnutrition causing our health problems?

Scientists have shown that many diseases and conditions such as arthritis, diabetes, cancer, osteoporosis and M.E. have their basis in nutrient deficiency, and bio-chemical imbalances.
In simple terms, these health problems occur because the body is not receiving the nutrients it needs in order to function properly.
When we supply the body with the necessary nutrients it can correct / repair itself. That IS one of its normal functions.

Optimum health

We all know that a Rolls Royce engine will not operate properly on 2 star fuel and cheap oil.
In the same way, the human body will not function properly on a poor quality diet and the western diet IS a poor quality diet, being devoid of many essential nutrients and full of junk / non-food items and chemical additives.
In the midst of plenty, we are suffering from malnutrition..!

The dangers of this poor quality diet are multiplied by the toxicity from man-made chemicals to which we are subjected on a daily basis.
In 1940 chemical production was – 1 billion lbs annually
By 1988 chemical production had risen to – 600 billion lbs. annually.
Production is still rising.

Our exposure is mainly from:-
A. Prescription drugs.
B. Unknowing exposure at home and at work. ~~~~~~~~~ (Dr. Epstein)

Varying degrees of chemical exposure have now been implicated in:-
ADD / ADHD, Parkinson’s, ME, cancer, autism, motor neuron disease, infertility…

It is now known that good nutrition is vital to detoxify man-made chemicals within the human body.

This raises several questions.
**What essential nutrients are even “good” foods deficient in and why?
**Why are they essential nutrients?
**What can we do to help ourselves?

What Essential Nutrients are we Lacking?

Nutrients which are classed as “Essential” are those nutrients which the body cannot manufacture and therefore must be consumed every day.
They are :-

  • all minerals
  • certain vitamins, especially vitamin C.
  • certain fatty acids

Vegetables and fruit lack MINERALS because, over time and more recently due to modern farming methods, the land has become exhausted.

 The results of a world-wide survey on the mineral content of soils were reported to the 1992 Earth Summit in Rio.

Essential Nutrients

Mineral Depletion By Continent 1992

By continent, mineral depletion over the previous hundred years was as follows:-
85% – North America
76% – South America
76% – Asia
74% – Africa
72% – Europe
55% – Australia

This confirmed what Senate Document 264 had said in 1936 about the soil in the States.


The 1991 edition of “The Consumption of Foods” by the Royal Society of Chemistry and MAFF (Ministry of Agriculture, Fisheries and Food — now called DEFRA) reported this staggering reduction in mineral content in our vegetables compared with the 1940s findings. Here are just four examples:-

      68% less copper
      48% less calcium
      26% less iron
      25% less magnesium.
          In 1991, to get the same amount of iron that was in ONE apple in 1940, we should have to eat THREE apples!
          They also reported that they were “concerned for the health of the UK population” and one solution “is supplementation…..with a well balanced, naturally derived, readily assimilated, liquid food supplement.”

Scary, isn’t it?


Are vitamins really in this food?

The majority of us have to buy our fruit and vegetables from a shop rather than picking them and eating them straight away. This is one reason that they lack VITAMINS.

Cooking destroys vitamins (and enzymes) – the hotter and the longer, the more is destroyed – that’s why eating them raw is best.

Another reason is that fruit is often picked before it is ripe.
The supermarkets actually make it a selling point, as if it’s desirable, -”Ripen at Home!”
The problem is that it’s the plant itself which uses the sunlight to make vitamins – to ripen the fruit – once picked, the fruit doesn’t “ripen”, it just softens.
It looks good and tastes ok but it is nutrient deficient.




Many people lack the ESSENTIAL FATTY ACIDS EPA and DHA (eicosapentaenoic acid and docosahexanoic acid) which are made from omega 3. Even if they eat sufficient fish or seeds, if they are older, or do not have the right nutrients present, their bodies cannot perform the steps necessary to produce the EPA or DHA.

A pregnant woman needs extra EFAs (omegas 3 and 6) to make the baby’s brain and nervous system. Apparently, if she doesn’t take in sufficient EFAs, the baby takes what it can anyway and her brain physically shrinks — hence, “Baby Blues” — pregnancy and post-natal depression.!
Isn’t nature wonderful? Let’s keep the species surviving and produce the best possible new generation.




Of the twenty-five AMINO ACIDS, eight are essential. Most of the other seventeen can be made from them.
These eight are essential because the body cannot function without them, although others are semi-essential under certain conditions.
Unfortunately, we do not always consume the right kind, or right quality of protein, to acquire them.

The twenty-five AMINO ACIDS — different forms of protein — are the building blocks of the body.
They are vital for the growth and repair of body tissue.
They are also used to make hormones, enzymes, anti-bodies (immune system) and neuro-transmitters (help in depression), and help transport substances around the body.


Some reasons why these nutrients are vital

Minerals keep the body’s internal acid / alkaline balance.

Minerals are the co-factors of vitamins – without a vitamin’s own mineral co-factor, the body can’t use the vitamin.

Minerals are also the co-factors of enzymes.

Some minerals are anti-oxidants.

Macro Minerals. (Needed in gram quantities). ~~ a few examples.

  • Calcium, magnesium, phosphorus — to make bone
  • Calcium, magnesium, sodium, potassium –electrical properties for nerve impulses and muscle function.

Trace Minerals. (Needed in mcg or less quantities). ~~ a few examples.

  • Zinc — fertility, healthy prostate, memory
  • Iron — part of the E molecule in haemoglobin — carries oxygen
  • Iodine — thyroid function
  • Copper — needed to utilise iodine
  • Selinium — protection against cancer
  • Chromium and Vanadium — protects against diabetes
  • Boron — facilitates bone metabolism.

As you can see, minerals do not work in isolation. They work together and therefore it is vital that they are present in the body in the correct proportions.




Vitamins are co-factors of enzymes.

Some vitamins are anti-oxidants.

Here are some other jobs some of the vitamins do:-


  • Vitamin C — an anti-oxidant, protects tissues and fluids in the body, ensures flexibility and strength of cell, vein and artery walls, necessary for a healthy sperm count and sperm mobility, helps immune cells to mature………..
  • Vitamin E — an anti-oxidant, protects tissues and fluids in the body, a powerful anti-cancer agent (especially when teamed with the mineral selenium), healthy heart muscle, prevents blood clots, improves wound healing and fertility……….
  • Vitamin K — controls blood clotting.
  • Vitamin A — an anti-oxidant and immune system booster, essential for night vision……
  • Vitamin B1 — energy production, digestion, brain function……
  • Vitamin B3 — helps balance blood sugar, lowers cholesterol levels…..
  • Vitamin B12 — needed for making use of protein, for making DNA….

Again, as you can see, vitamins work together with each other, as well as with minerals, so it is important that they are all present and in the necessary amounts.

ESSENTIAL FATTY ACIDSESSENTIAL FATTY ACIDS   EFAs do lots and lots of jobs, too many to mention here, so I’ll just say :-

  • If we want healthy, happy, intelligent, well-behaved children & adults,
  • With no heart or circulatory problems,
  • A fantastic memory,
  • Lots of energy,
  • The right height & weight,
  • Beautiful soft skin & hair,
  • Bright eyes

we need to take the essential fatty acids of the Omega3 and 6 Families.

What can we do to help ourselves?

Mineral Solutions

The first thing I did was to take a liquid mineral and vitamin supplement.
Then I was introduced to a nutrition expert who has a doctorate in bio-chemistry. As a result of that, I changed my diet and way of eating to the one I wrote about in The connection between diet and health.

I buy organic food whenever I can, because it’s not contaminated with chemicals,research shows that it is more nutritious because the bacteria in the soil which help plants take up minerals aren’t killed off and it tastes better. (I’ll give you more info. about the benefits of organic food another time).

One supplement I took, and still do take, is a liquid mineral and vitamin supplement called Mineral Solutions. ~~~~~~ This is “My Magic Bottle”.
The ingredients are all natural — no synthetic ones — and it is what they call “bio-available”.  I discovered that this big word means that as soon as you put some in your mouth, it starts to be absorbed through the tongue and lining of the mouth.
Very useful when someone is too ill to eat.!
I know this because a friend of mine had radiation treatment after the removal of a salivary gland. She felt really ill and couldn’t eat.  She kept putting a few drops at a time onto her tongue and after a few days felt much better and was eating food again.

Another friend had a blood clot on her lungs and was rushed into Intensive Care. I saw her four days later when she was moved onto a Ward. She had had nothing to eat and just couldn’t eat the food they offered.

She had asked me to bring some of my Mineral Solutions so I took that and some Noni Juice.  She had 15 ml Mineral Solutions and 30 ml Noni straight away. She took the same before going to sleep; in the morning; at lunch time and at teatime. She felt much better and was able to eat some fruit at teatime.

Twenty-four hours had elapsed between my visits and the change in her was dramatic. She had been white, limp, eyes dull and now she had her colour back, no longer limp and a sparkle back in her eyes. I had my friend back. This is no exaggeration– I really had been afraid she was going to die.

I’ve had two operations. I doubled up the amounts for two weeks before the operations and took them to hospital with me. On both occasions, I sailed through the operation with no problems and was home in record time.

How does all this happen?  Simple! They give the body nutrients it can use.

MODERE MINERAL SOLUTION (1)Mineral Solutions contains the full range of plant sourced macro minerals and trace minerals (including rare earths) that we need, 

major vitamins,

really powerful anti-oxidants from concentrated fruit extracts,

twelve amino acids (includes the 8 Essential ones),

something to feed the good bacteria in our gut,

in fact, more than 90 nutrients that we need every day.
The only ones not there are EFAs.

(We have Classic Mineral Solutions without the fruit extracts which is suitable for people with diabetes.  Both are vegan-friendly.)

I won’t bore you with any more details but, as you can see, I am enamoured with this supplement. I have been taking it now since February 2000. I take 15 ml twice a day and intend to continue doing so because it works for me.

To find out if my “Magic Bottle” works for You,  try it yourself.

This is nourishment, not a drug, so be prepared to take it for 3 months before deciding what benefits you are having. I suggest 15 ml twice a day for 14 days , then once a day before breakfast.

Omega 3  DHA, EPA& vitamin E





This is the Omega 3 Supplement I take.

I take 1 with breakfast and 1 with lunch so that I get boosts of energy during the day.


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In the summer of 2015 the UK Government finally acted upon the 1991 Report by MAFF and re-classified our Mineral Solutions as FOOD.

As a result it is even better value because it is now VAT free!