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Today, most of us are aware that our food is lacking in nutrients, even if we buy organic! We are also more aware of the potentially harmful ingredients in the many products we use every day in our homes, making it a nightmare to decide which supplements we need and which products are the safest.

The company I work with, Modere, removes that nightmare.
The Safety of their Brand, their “Live Clean” Mission of 10 million Healthy Homes by 2020, resonates with me and I’m playing my part!

Why not join me??

Under “Articles” (above) you’ll find info on health topics, how to benefit from Modere and the best way to access their products.
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5 Ways Eating Fat Helps to Burn off Unwanted Body Fat

5 Ways Eating Fat Helps to Burn off Unwanted Body Fat Fat Burns Fat. Our bodies are fat-burning machines NOT carbohydrate-burning machines because originally our diet consisted of flesh, fruit, green plants and the occasional root and, contrary to what we have been...
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A SIMPLE SOLUTION TO EASE STIFF JOINTS. Last year I developed a problem bending my left knee whilst standing...I could feel and hear it grinding! A scan showed that I had worn away cartilage from the top of my shin bone. I was most unhappy because it interfered with...
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Benefits of Transferring Your Spending to Modere.

Benefits of Transferring Your Spending to Modere.                                                             Every Modere purchase you make is a win for your health, your family and the environment.  gives you a £10...
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Live Clean with Renewed Health The Live Clean Philosophy Hello, I’m JuneMary and my passion is helping people to Live Clean and enjoy a longer, healthier life. (The following is in addition to the video.) One major stumbling block to a healthy life is the...
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Modere featured on Modern Living with kathy ireland We all want to live a long and healthy life, don't we? So take a look at Modere...who for 30 years has provided safe and effective, clean label lifestyle products ... and discover how its innovative, 21st Century way of...
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New Year – New You. Yes, you really can have a new body to live why not start NOW?? The Magic of the Human Body. The human body is a self-replicating machine --- it continually re-makes itself, every night,  using what it has absorbed during the day!  That’s...
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How 12 Lifestyle Factors can make you Feel Depressed.

In this gloomy, dark season of the year many of us suffer from Depression – but the News is not all gloomy!! To say Depression is ALL “in the Mind” is not exactly true because the Mind is “housed” in the brain --- a physical organ which, like the rest of the body,...
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Mineral Solutions Vs Multi-vitamins

Mineral Solutions – not vitamins - are the “Spark of Life”. For example:- Minerals are the keys which unlock every other nutrient They keep the body alkaline. They are needed by every part of the body. Download the PDF “Diagram Minerals and the Body” here....
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