Can We Have A Healthy Home With Products Which Don’t Hurt Us??

Can We Have A Healthy Home With Products Which Don’t Hurt Us??

We are all familiar with the saying “It’s the final straw that breaks the camel’s back.”

Healthy Home

Healthy Home

Today that saying is applicable to our well-being, the “straws” being all the factors which are causing our bodies to suffer “dis-ease” and which range from poor nutrition and toxicity to being stuck in a traffic jam every day.

Some things we have no control over but we can take control of others and the more “straws” we can remove, the better for us and for our well-being.

One “straw” that we can remove, thus lifting an unnecessary burden from our lives, is the daily poisoning of our bodies and homes.

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Over the last few years, ordinary people, i.e. non-scientists like you and me, have become increasingly aware of the dangers posed by man-made chemical ingredients in products we use every day at home. Two TV programmes “How Toxic are You?” and “How Toxic are Your Kids?”  enhanced this awareness, so I decided to take this opportunity to share with you what I have learned.

I firmly believe that everyone has the right to make choices. To do this effectively, we need knowledge.

It’s hard to believe that the most dangerous place is inside our own home.

A 15 year study showed that “women who worked at home had a 54% higher death rate from cancer than women who had jobs elsewhere.”

In 1989, a study by the US Dept of Occupational Safety and Health showed that of 2,983 chemicals used in personal and household products:

  • 884 were known to be toxic. Of these:
    • 778 were acutely toxic
    • 146 were carcinogenic
    • 218 were believed to cause reproductive complications
    • 314 were believed to cause biological mutations
    • 376 were known to cause eye and skin irritation

In 2003, a “ContamiNATION” study by the World Wide Foundation found as many as 70 different chemicals in the blood of UK citizens.

  • The average number was 27 with one poor man having 49.
  • Babies were being born with as many as 20.
  • Toxins tend to be stored in the fat. The implication is that mothers are passing on toxins in their breast milk.                      

Household products release toxic vapours even when they are not being used. We don’t need our eyes to tell us where the washing powders and cleaning products are in the supermarket, do we?

Then there are the air fresheners. Do you know it takes at least 100 chemicals to make a “perfume”? Have you ever read the warnings on the back? Nasty!

“Most homes have airborne concentrations of hazardous and toxic chemicals 2 to 5 times higher indoors than outside. Some homes are 70 times higher!” (US Environmental Protection Agency 1989)

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The most common ingredients to watch out for in personal care products are these (although there are more than 100 alternative names for the first one!):-

  • Sodium Lauryl/Laureth Sulphate – corrosive industrial degreaser. Affects the eyes and the lining of the mouth, can alter DNA. (foaming products)
  • Propylene Glycol – anti-freeze, brake fluid (moisturisers, baby wipes)
  • Aluminium Salts – block the sweat glands trapping toxins inside (implicated in breast cancer). Also linked to brain disorders (anti-perspirants)
  • Talc – similar molecular structure to asbestos (cosmetics)

(You will find a more comprehensive list to print out in the DOWNLOADS/Audio section so you can check your cupboards.)

An added complication is “potentially” harmful ingredients.

A lot of chemicals are safe until mixed with something else e.g. Triclosan and water = toxic dioxins.

So why is it in toothpaste??

Thousands of ingredients used in the household have never been tested, so no-one knows whether they are safe or not.

Well that’s the BAD NEWS…

Some GOOD NEWS is that…

….just as not all natural substances are safe, not all chemicals are harmful. In fact, some are very beneficial.

The trick is knowing which is which.

And, here’s the REALLY GOOD NEWS…

Safe, affordable products….


Someone I know told me about a Safety-Conscious company who do know the difference.

So now we can take out the guess work by buying the full range of effective every-day-use products from the company who, more than 25 years ago, pioneered the formulation, manufacture and distribution of products where more than 3000 commonly-used ingredients are avoided because they are known to be harmful or have a question mark over them.

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Metabolic Disorders Vs Optimum Health

Metabolic Disorders Vs Optimum Health

What Can We Do to Help Ourselves to Optimum Health?

Diseases like arthritis, diabetes, obesity, cancer, IBS and auto-immune disorders like lupus and multiple sclerosis are affecting so many people today that you could legitimately say that they have reached pandemic proportions. However, they are not diseases that are “caught” and, with all the knowledge and resources available today, no-one should be suffering from them. After all, this is the 21st Century!

For a long time I suffered from clinical depression, in fact, I had to retire early because of it, but there was a “silver lining”– I was lucky enough to be introduced to people who really understand how to have excellent health.

Now that I’m well and have the time, I want to pass on what I’ve learnt about the causes of disease and what can be done to help ourselves to avoid them.

I’m a fan of “Prevention” rather than “Cure”.

First of all we need to realise that there are two types of disease:

Metabolic Disorders

Metabolic Disorders

Infectious and Metabolic Diseases.


An infectious disease – an acute condition – appears suddenly and is caused by a bacterium or a virus invading the body and we can usually avoid them by having a healthy, toxin free body and a strong immune system. I have only been ill once in the last ten years and that was when the cause of a long period of stress, which had lowered my resistance, was removed. Normally I don’t even get colds.

There is a school of thought which believes that when the body needs to clean itself, it uses a convenient bacterium or virus as a catalyst to produce mucus or a fever to expel the rubbish.

I think that makes sense because the “germs” are always present yet not everyone catches whatever infection is doing the rounds. Do they?


Metabolic diseases – chronic conditions – are different. They gradually develop over time. Make no mistake – they’ve been sneakily, silently creeping up on us for a long time because they start at cellular level. Then one day, we realise that something isn’t quite right. For example:-

  • The knee that really hurts one morning when you get out of bed and realise it’s been getting worse for a long time now.
  • The headache which no longer responds to the pills.
  • Realising that you’re tired of feeling tired.
  • The trouser waistband that refuses to fasten.
  • Yet another day when you have to stay home to be near the toilet.

Then the doctor says, “Oh, you’ve got…diabetes…high blood pressure…arthritis…osteoporosis ….or the one everyone dreads to hear… C

These are simply symptoms which the body produces as it tries to tell us that it can’t work properly because something is missing or it’s being poisoned. It is not “at ease”…. it is experiencing “dis-ease”!

It is estimated that 95% of today’s health problems are metabolic!

The good news is that we can do something about it. We just need to know how the body works, what ingredients it needs to function successfully and how to avoid toxins.

Is this a tall order? Actually, it’s not.

The human body is very clever.

I remember when the series “The Bionic Man” started, I said that I was glad I was biological. I didn’t need lots of money and an expensive engineer to mend my body. It does it itself!

About every seven years we have a new body because when we are asleep it uses what we’ve given it during the day to grow and to repair itself. That’s why babies sleep so much. They are growing!

Unfortunately, it can only do a good job if we give it the ingredients it needs and we don’t overload it with unnecessary toxins.

Here are seven things we can do to help our bodies attain optimum health.

  • Make sure it’s well hydrated by drinking two litres of filtered water, at body temperature, every day.
  • It is vital that we clear the digestive tract of mucoid plaque and ensure that we have the correct balance of bacteria in the gut because, amongst other things, they digest our food, produce certain vitamins and keep the gut wall clean and healthy so that it does not leak and produce metabolic diseases like ADD, ADHD, allergies, auto-immune disorders and cancer.
  • We also need to get rid of parasites.
  • Nourish the body by eating clean, fresh food in the right proportions and combinations and supplementing with nutrients which are missing from today’s food, such as minerals and vitamins. An alkalised body is vital for good health.
  • Use toiletries, skin care, cosmetics and home care products which are free from harmful or questionable ingredients.

A word of warning here “natural”, “organic” does NOT guarantee toxin-free because the base ingredients can be questionable or contaminated.(eg. Lanolin is often contaminated by sheep-dip chemicals.) Also, ingredients which are safe alone can become harmful when mixed with another safe ingredient.(eg. Triclosan is safe until it is mixed with water. So…….. Why is it in toothpaste???)

  • Regularly practise various forms of exercise.
  • Learn how to relax.

Now, it’s up to you to choose! Sickness or Wellness?


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